Features list

Available video processing algorithms

  • Intrusion : human, vehicles (crouch or standing), animals
  • Intrusion : UAV, small planes
  • Automatic license plate recognition (ALPR)
  • Camera tampering or masking
  • Video quality analysis : luminosity, blurr
  • Advanced video stabilization for moving cameras or camera on mast
  • Contrast enhancements and removal of climatic effects (snow, rain, smog, …)
  • Stanag 4609 stream creation, with metadatas computation
  • Geolocation of detections
  • Full embedded geolocalization server

Video capture and inputs

  • All ONVIF IP cameras
  • All camera with RTSP or HTTP output
  • All RTSP, UDP, RTP video streams
  • All HTTP/HTTPS video streams
  • All PAL/NTSC cameras
  • All HD-SDI cameras
  • Input codecs supported : PAL/NTSC, SDI, HD-SDI, H265, H264, H263, MPEG2, MPEG4, VP3, VP6, VP8, VP9, JPEG, JPEG2000, FLV

Storage functions

  • Permanent recording of input streams, up to 30 days
  • All alarm video clips are kept
  • Full loggging of all server events
  • Integrated map database

Output streaming services

  • Live re-streaming of cameras thru the Web interface (no plugin needed !)
  • Stanag 4609 video streaming, with full metadata set
  • RTMP streaming, with full encoder parameters
  • RTSP streaming, with full encoder parameters
  • Stream quality settings
  • Low-latency streaming

Scenarios and VMS integration

  • Graphical configuration of scenarios, for all events (alarms, detections, system event, configuration change, dry-contact, license plate recognized, …),
  • Complex scenarios are possible, thanks to chronometers, counters, calendar events (unique or cyclics), …
  • Action triggering : FTP upload, dry-contact, state variables, VMS connection, start/stop processing, emails, …
  • Supported VMS : Genetec, Mirasys, Horus, TCP/XML (Generic), FTP, …

HW and system features

  • Fanless/rugged server or rackable 2U server
  • 2 x Ethernet Gbs interfaces
  • RS-232 / RS-422 / RS-485 interfaces
  • Linux embbeded OS
  • Cyber-security enhanced settings

And more …

  • Web interface for *ALL* settings
  • Live event viewing and event log
  • Import/Export camera configuration
  • Event log sorting
  • Expot event log to PDF or CSV for external use
  • Detection area definition
  • Masking area definition (privacy)
  • Infinite number of dry-contacts (input and output)
  • FTP upload to distant server
  • Email notifications
  • ONVIF automatic detection
  • Control ONVIF PTZ camera
  • Upload new map
  • Permanent control of communications with cameras and peripherals
  • User management, with associated rights
  • Online application update
  • Integrated remote support
  • HTTPS crypted interface
  • Integrated firewall