Video protocol and standard conversion

In addition of its embedded video processing features, PIXALARM can be used as a video standard/protocol converter, with all inputs in parallel.

For example :

  • HD-SDI -> RTSP (H264, unicast or multicast)
  • PAL -> HD-SDI (with high-quality resolution upscale)
  • RTSP -> HD-SDI
  • PAL -> RTSP (for network streaming of local analog cameras, for example)

The amount of available streams in parallels is equal to the number of inputs cameras : it means that a PIXALARM-16 is able to stream 16 PAL cameras in RTSP and in real-time ! In addition, video processing can be inserted !

Use case example : 4  HD-SDI cameras -> “Camera on Mast” stabilization -> 4 x RTSP Streaming