Intrusion detection

PixAlarm includes a powerful intrusion detection algorithm, robust to external conditions (wind, rain, moving vegetation, shadows, …) and able to classify and track moving objects. Specifically conceived to produce no false alarms, it can be used in various sites (car park, facilities, fields, airport, warehouses, …).


Détection d'un véhicule
View of an alarm (vehicle detected)

Thanks to its scene geometry computation, PixAlarm is not a simple movement detector : it can explictly detect and classify animals, humans and vehicles.

A scene can be configured in a few minutes only, and no particular skills are needed to do it. In addition, it supports all kind of cameras (Analog, HD-SDI, IP) and all resolutions (even up to 4K).

Download the PIXALARM datasheet here :datasheet_pixalarm_EN

In addition, PIXALARM embedds many features per default, check the full list here.