Server range

To adapt to the various conditions and the constraints of exploitation, PixAlarm is available in a material range (servers) and software (virtual machines).

Fanless Range

The fanless models allow the installation of PIXALARM on sites without severe environmental requirements. Operable from 0 to 55 °, these compact server (187x115x52 mm) can assure the treatment from 1 to 4 cameras, according to the chosen algorithms and the type of camera (thermal, visible).
Powered with 12 VDC, for a maximum consumption of 20W, these small systems allow for example to handle 4 thermal cameras with intrusion detection or another 2 cameras LAPI in parallel.

Rugged Range

The fanless rugged models are made for sites with difficult environmental conditions (vibrations, -20/+ 75°C, etc.). Available in several dimensions and capable of dealing from 1 to 8 cameras, the hardened PIXALARM can settle down at the foot of your cameras or still in not warmed premises. All the models integrate dry contacts, and wide spread powered (9-48 VDC).

pixalarm rackable 2URack Range

The rack range, in short frame 2U (48 cms depth), is intended to be integrated into your server room. Their processing capacity goes from 4 to 32 cameras, or more if needed. Specific options, such as the multi-algorithm per cameras, as well as the video storage in RAID are possible, besides all the usual functions of the range.

The virtual machine version complete the offer by allowing you to install the whole PIXALARM system on your own servers. The product is delivered in the form of virtual disk ready to be started by your hypersight (Xen, ProxMox, VMWare, VirtualBox). Once started and the licences installed, you will find all the power of PIXALARM, without differences of features compared to the hardware included-versions.


Pixalarm range comparison

Fanless PixAlarm Rugged PixAlarm Rack PixAlarm
Common functions
Number of camera 1 to 4 1 to 4 1 to 31
IP/Onvif Camera
IP max resolution 576p for smallest model, up to 1080p 1080p
PAL Acquisition (option)
SDI/HD-SDI Acquisition (option)
Permanent recording 20 minutes Up to 30 days 30 days and more (option)
RTSP Streaming
Moved/Obstructed camera detection
Blur detection
Bad luminosity detection
Dry contact included 0 4 IN / 4 OUT 0
External MODBUS dry contact module Unlimited Unlimited Unlimited
Integrated geolocalization
Zones, mask
Advanced event management
VMS interfacing, FTP, …
Email notifier
Live streaming
Configuration and exploitation user interface
Advanced scenarisation
Video processing and analyzing (options)
Max processing per camera 1 1 to 2 2 and more (option)
Intrusion detection
Licence plate reading (ALPR)
Stanag 4609 streaming generation
Stabilization / Image enhancement
Physical specs
Dimensions (mm) 187×115×52 185×131×54 à 227×261×106 450×440×89
Power consumption (W) 15 15 à 45 75 à 115
Weight (kg) 0,9 1,58 à 5,22 14
Power supply 12 VDC 9–48 VDC 220 VAC
Ethernet ports 2×1 Gbs 2×1 Gbs 2×1 Gbs